Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dying to know, scared to ask?

Semalam ada perbualan menarik antara saya dan seorang sahabat, sambil makan tengah hari. 

Dia terlalu curious tentang bisnes saya, kerana saya langsung tidak bercerita tentang Shaklee jika tidak ditanya. 

"So you don't go around and call people to meet?"

"Errm NO. I just share the info with EVERYONE on my Facebook and blog". 

"Interesting, because all my friends that are into this always harassing me and I would run if I see them"

"Hmmm yeah, it's interesting that you don't run from me today" 

Selesai lunch, kami pun berpisah, kemudian dia kata,

"Kak Puteri, can I come and OBSERVE your training?"


See, this is how we do it, since the beginning. Just be yourself, share the info, and let people come to you. 

Sound easy? Hey, not without steps and some magic tips yeah :)


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