Friday, November 11, 2011

Marmet; not too bad for first timer

So, yesterday I forgot to charge my breastpump battery. I am using Medela Freestyle by the way, and the battery can last quite a long time. Though you can see it's blinking, you can at least still use it for another 3-4 days! And today the battery died after 20 seconds of stimulation phase.

And so I sat there, staring the pump for a while, thinking the options. Too lazy to go home, and I don't want to trouble my husband to send it over to the office (his is at home btw). I decided, why not I try doing the marmet thingy. I first saw it was demonstrated at the clinic by the nurse and later on youtube.

At the end of the session, I can't feel my legs and neck, but I managed to gather 4oz. Not too bad actually. I also realized that the technique is very gentle on your skin especially if you constantly have cracked or sore nipples (thanks to Adam's very early existence of lower tooth!). I am thinking that I maybe will use this technique again, since I always wake up with engorge breasts in the middle of the night, and thinking how lazy I am to use the pump and later to wash it! With this technique, I just have to wash my hands, and maybe have a liquid sanitizer ready by the bed, and an empty bottle.

For more info on marmet, you can just Google it and give it a try.

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