Thursday, May 8, 2014

PAF Top Business Leaders

Hello everyone! 
I am proud to introduce PAF TOP BUSINESS LEADERS!
So let's read more to get to know them better, and I hope the info can help you to choose your Shaklee business leaders today :) 

Much love, 
Master Puteri 


Master Nurlia Mohd Nor 
Area: Rawang
Expertise: No experience? No business knowledge? No income? Master Nurlia can guide to change all that. She is a homemaker turned into a successful Shaklee business leader with 5 figure income.  Her Shaklee journey has been amazing so far and enriching her life tremendously. 
Strength: Patience & persistence 
Contact details: 012- 294 7920

Master Aishah Amin
Area: Shah Alam 
Expertise: Hated your job but love your career? If you love knowledge, open to new challenges and willing to leave your profession to make way for your growing family, Master Aishah is your perfect mentor. 
Strength: Smart & hard working
Contact details: 012- 2727 995

Senior Coordinator Siti Zaliha (Ct Z)
Area: Kuala Lumpur
Expertise: Always failed in your MLM ventures? Talk to Sr Coordinator Ct Z and she really knows how it feels and what it's like to finally found the perfect MLM business in Malaysia like Shaklee. Under her wing, CTZ & Partners has shown amazing growth for the past one year. 
Strength: Brave & adventurous 
Contact details: 012- 373 6304

Coordinator Puteri Hafiza
Area: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Expertise: Bored with life in far away land, while spending the money belong to your husband? Coordinator Puteri Hafiza thought she would love that deal until she realised she is way better than that. Talk to her and you can learn on how to manage your Shaklee business from abroad. 
Strength: Strategic & calm 
Contact details: + 971 50 321 8749 (WhatsApp)

Coordinator Fadlina Mokhtar
Area: Kota Damansara 
Expertise: You are great with money, but always need more for leisure? Coordinator Fadlina enjoys shopping so much she thought might as well she earns extra income to continue her passion in retail therapy. But well oh well, she is doing it so great, she is leaving her full time job soon to focus on her business and of course to spend more time at the mall. 
Strength: Friendly & a natural leader
Contact details: 019- 454 5482

Coordinator Herdayu Jamian 
Area: Serdang
Expertise: When the going gets tough, Coordinator Herdayu just brave it through no matter what day and night. One hour a day is all she needs to persevere in the business since the beginning. She is now getting nearer to her financial goals and it will be really soon for her to bid her boring job goodbye!
Strength: Patience & perseverance 
Contact details: 018- 210 0834

Senior Supervisor Ainul Hasma Ali
Area: Seberang Prai, Penang
Expertise: Sr Supervisor Ainul is an expert in pacing her journey in Shaklee business. She gives importance in long term goal, and team effort to layering the business foundation with patience, perseverance and love. She is a great team member and always the more cool one during any challenges. 
Strength: Team players, natural leader
Contact details: 018- 9579441

Supervisor Siti Noor Rosnita Nordin
Area: Shah Alam
Expertise: Supervisor Siti Noor really knows why passions will breed success and of course money. She cannot handle uncertainty and want to take things in her hand, to be able to have options in life. Shaklee business allows her to gain all that and now her team grows tremendously in less than a year. 
Strength: Passionate & visionary 
Contact details: 016- 233 1090

Supervisor Asliah Abdullah 
Area: Subang 
Expertise: Looking for new challenges in life and not sure if Shaklee business can provide you with that? Then talk to Supervisor Asliah and you will know why challenges will keep you motivated and happy. Well loved by friends and family, she is a great leader with her team members always as priorities. 
Strength: Patience and passionate 
Contact details: 019- 251 1448

Supervisor Radia Banu Mohamad
Area: Penang 
Expertise: Supervisor Radia is very smart to realise that it is truly awesome to be able to visualise your short term goals and having fun while reaching it. Choosing Shaklee business is easy for her as it is the most straight forward business she could find. You would need her to guide you especially if you are having difficulties identifying your goals in any side business you think you want to get involved in. 
Strength: Knowledgeable and persistent
Contact details: 016- 218 5077

Supervisor Izarini Borhan 
Area: Klang 
Expertise: If you want to learn how to manage your time and a business on the side, talk to Rinie and you will be amazed with her multitasking skills. With 2 small children and a full time job (that she loves), Supervisor Rinie manage to guide her team, consult her customers and enjoy her day to day ride as a young mother, a wife and an entrepreneur. 
Strength: Multitasking & persistent 
Contact details: 012- 627 8520

Supervisor Faradyba A Manap
Area: Klang
Expertise: If you have been consuming Shaklee supplements for more than a year and realised  that hey this could be my extra source of income, then you must talk to Supervisor Fara. The love of the products has make it easier for Fara to share the benefits of the products and gained many loyal customers, whom not only trust the products and but they also trust her as the reliable supplement consultant and business partner. 
Strength: Knowledgable & consistent 
Contact details: 019- 239 0107

Supervisor Syahirah Shaharudin 
Area: Cheras
Expertise: Do you want to start your Shaklee business but worry if you cannot keep your cool and maintain the commitment? Then Supervisor Syira may have a good tip or more secrets! Her confidence and commitment has shown results every day and many people can benefit from her young and growing team. 
Strength: Calm & consisten 
Contact details: 013- 384 7067


rini.borhan said...

Yeah thanks master. nasib tak boh GIGIL kat resume ku.

Syahira Shahar said...

tqvm masterji!

ummi syasha said...

wow...kalian inspirasiku


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