Thursday, June 13, 2013

Healthy snack on the go with Meal Shakes

Hello everyone!

I am trying this amazing Blogger app on my Iphone5, and I thought I might as well update my blog (at almost 4am now haha)! 

So it is Shaklee's monthly promotion time again and in June we can buy 6 tubs of Meal Shakes and get ONE tub for free. 

I simply LOVE Meal Shakes, and we always have one tub around for everyone in the family. It is so far the best hunger fix for us, combined with ESP. During Ramadhan last year, Meal Shakes was fast selling as we highly recommend it for Sahur. Not only it will keep you well nourished during the fasting month, it is also good to keep the energy longer and keep hunger at bay for many hours. But hey, it's Ramadhan, we should feel hungry ya, or else how to train our empathy? 

So anyway, if you would like to try Meal Shakes, here is my favorite extra stuff to be mixed with it: 

(1) fresh milk (i never go for low fat, full cream it is haha)
(2) 1 tbs of milo (more is better ehehe)
(3) 1 tbs of nestum (for the crunchy krup krap yummy effect)
(4) 1 tbs of ESP
(5) 1 tbs of Meal Shakes

Shake it well and drink it, sooooo yummmeh! 

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